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Fit Camp


Fitness Camp


We appreciate how impossible it can be to resist those melting puppy-eyes imploring you for food whenever you enter the kitchen and how difficult it is to find the time and patience needed to help your dog lose those excess pounds.


We now offer a month's luxury accommodation for your dog, accompanied by a vigorous exercise regime and well balanced diet.  This will put your furry friend on the path to achieving their ideal weight and fitness level which will in turn lead to improved healthiness and happiness.



Our Fitness Camp will be individually tailored to each guest and will involve:


 - An initial health assessment and weigh-in

 - Agreement with you of a target weigt and development of a

   suitable exercise program and diet

 - Accommodation, exercise and diet for the duration of

   the fitness camp

 - End of camp review and weigh-out with you and our guest.

   This review will confirm progress and give you the

   opportunity to discuss our recommendations for the

   ongoing care of your pet.





If you would like to understand more about Fitness Camp please call Bev on 01945 466351 or 077404 76972